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Flexifoil Tracker Landboard
Special offers and deals from Kite Planet

At Kite Planet from time to time we like to put together various special offers. or have ex-demo or used stock for sale. Our current offers are listed below, and to find out more about them please feel free to visit us instore, or alternatively email us here.

Flexifoil Blade IV 8.5m Kite
Flexifoil Blade IV 8.5 Kite (black and purple) - kite only

Condition: Used rarely due to size and flies like new.

The Flexifoil Blade 4 (IV) has combined the very best elements of all Blade series over the years and has produced a kite with even greater lift and better stability than ever before.

Designed with a lightweight and new tuneable bridle, the kite can be adjusted to suit the rider's style and maximise the wind conditions. This kite is not for the occasional recreational flyer, it is for the more experienced traction flyers who want to feel real adrenaline when flying a kite.

Particularly ideal for kite buggying, landboard and snow kiting, the Flexifoil Blade 4 (IV) is available as a four line kite with handles or with a control bar. If you want to own only one kite for all traction kite activities, this is it.

ONLY £380



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