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Essential cycling tools

Every rider needs to have some basic bike tools, whether it is just a puncture repair kit or a virtual home workshop there will be times when everyone needs to make some repairs to their bike. Not only is it economical, but there may be times in the middle of a ride when basic knowledge and tools will allow you to get home. Further, it's fun to fix your own bike and having the correct tools can make the repair easier and faster.

The tools that you will need to perform minor repairs and tuning varies from bike to bike. Also these tools are not the things you will always take with you on a ride so we will break down into two lists the tools you should consider for home and those to take when riding.

Tools - on a ride

Many of these tools can be purchased as a set - Topeak and Park are two brands with various combinations available but it is just as easy (and cheaper) to buy them separately. This may be especially advisable for the chain breaking tool, as the tool in the sets is often smaller and more difficult to use than a stand-alone tool.

Tools - at home

At home you may want to try more serious maintenance work. Some of the tools that are useful to have on hand are:

These tools are available from Roy Pink Cycles. Good luck in your efforts and don't be afraid to ask us about these tools and how to use them.



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